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Choose one of the following options to make your new blinds truly your own

Rounded corners:

  • This creates a softer and truly custom appearance.
  • The surcharge to do this is $15 per blind.



Wand Tilters:

  • Cord tilters are standard, but; wood wand tilters are available at no charge for blinds with 1 3/8 inch or 2 inch slats if specified at time of order. When we use wand tilters we are not able to use our normal 3M Dual Lock valance attachment system however, and your valances will be attached with plastic clip track and clips.


  • Somfy battery operated motors  with long lasting lithium batteries enable you to open and close your blinds at the touch of a finger. Learn more about Somfy motor systems at http://www.somfy.com/nam/index.cfm?language=en-us
  • The surcharge to do this is $225 per blind.



Continuous Loop control:

  • This system makes large blinds easier to lift. It eliminates the normal lift cords and tilt cords or wands. Learn more about this system at http://www.rollease.com/wood.html
  • The cost for this option varies with the width of the blinds and can be found in the bottom line on the individual price list.



Valance Options:

  • Our 3 1/4 inch Sutton valance is the standard default valance with all our Basswood blinds.


  • Our 3 1/4 inch Westchester valance is available at no charge if specified at time of order.
  • Our 3 1/4 inch  Harvard valance is available at no charge if specified at time of order.


  • This Classic Rope Style 4-inch valance is an available option for a small surcharge. The price for this upgrade varies with the width of the blind and can be found in the bottom line of the individual price list.
  • For an even more custom look, consider one of our beautiful wood cornices.  Learn more about this option at www.woodcornices.ca


Routeless Slats:

  • This system eliminates the need for the normal lift cord holes in the slats and is available on our 1 3/8 inch, 2 inch and 2.5 inch wood and Faux wood blinds.
  • The surcharge is $14.99 per blind.

Folding window handles:

  • Many high quality wood windows are operated by crank handles that can get in the way of your new blinds. These folding handles replace the standard handles to allow your windows and blinds to function properly.
  • These can be supplied at a charge of $14.99 per handle if requested when you order your blinds.




Unlimited Custom Colours:

  • We will custom stain or paint your blinds to match perfectly with your interior decor.
  • Please refer to the special price list for the cost of this option. Check Prices


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