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Wood Blind & Faux Wood Blind Slat Sizes

You see here an example of how the same view through the same window changes with increasing slats sizes. The wider the slats are, the more area they cover when closed and therefore the farther apart they can be.


1 3/8 inch slats 2 inch slats 2 1/2 inch slats

  • work well on most French doors, where a slightly narrower slat protrudes less and interferes less with door handles
  • available with tape ladders, continuous loop hardware, optional valances
  • only available in real wood (basswood)
  • a more open view
  • the most economical
  • the most available colours
  • the most options
  • available in real wood (Basswood) or Faux wood (PVC Foam)
  • the most open view
  • available with all the optional tape ladders, continuous loop hardware and valance options
  • only available in real wood (basswood)
Two inch wood (Basswood) slats are by far the most widely used. They represent the most popular balance between price, stacking height, weight, durability and overall appearance.


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