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Standard Specifications and Options

Trapezoidal Bottom Rails:

  • Bottom Rails are trapezoidal shaped to provide better closure when tilted.

Tilter Mechanisms:

  • Cord tilters are standard, but; wood wand tilters are available at no additional charge if specified at time of order.
cord tilt

Rounded Corners:

  • This creates a softer and truly custom appearance.
  • The surcharge to do this is $15 per blind.

Routeless Slats:

  • This system eliminates the need for the normal lift cord holes in the slats and is available as a no charge option at the time of order.
  • This contributes to better room darkening as the small holes normally required for the lift cords are eliminated.

Unlimited Custom Colours:

  • We will custom stain or paint your blinds to match perfectly with your interior decor. To do that we will need a sample of what you wish us to match. We will in turn produce a sample for your approval prior to manufacturing your blinds
  • The charge for this service will be $400 in addition to the normal charge for the blinds.

Valance Options:

  • Our 3 1/4 inch Sutton valance is the standard default valance with all our wood venetian blinds.


  • Our 3 1/4 inch Westchester valance is available at no additional charge if specified at time of order.


  • Our 3 1/4 inch Harvard valance is available at no additional charge if specified at time of order.


  • This Classic Rope Style 4-inch valance is an available option for a small surcharge. The price for this upgrade varies with the width of the blind.


  • For an even more custom look, consider one of our beautiful wood cornices. Learn more about this option at www.woodcornices.ca

Child-Safe Lift and Tilt Control:

  • Our crank control is an industry leading option that eliminates the usual lift cords to provide a child safe alternative for controlling your new blinds. This option carries a surcharge of $200 per blind.
  • Cordless lift with a wood wand tilter is an option available at minimal cost that eliminates loose hanging cords.
  • Motorization eliminates all potential loose hanging cords and the blinds can be powered by either a USB rechargeable battery or solar power.

Tape Ladders:

  • The ladders are what hold the venetian blind slats in place. They control the spacing and tilting of the slats. By default we will use cord ladders in a colour coordinating with the colour of the slats. Alternatives are however available in the form of cotton tape ladders. These tape ladders are available in a variety of solid colours and decorative patterns for a modest surcharge. Not only do these tape ladders make a decorative statement, they also improve the room darkening provided by the blinds when tilted closed by covering the lift cord holes in the slats.

Folding Window Handles:

  • Many high quality windows are operated by crank handles that can get in the way of your new blinds. These folding handles replace the standard handles to allow your windows and blinds to function properly.
  • They can be supplied at a charge of $15 per handle if requested when you order your blinds.

Miscellaneous Specifications:

Slat Widths:

1 3/8”, 2”, 2 1/2”

Minimum Width:


Maximum Width:


Minimum Length:


Maximum Length:


Maximum width of single blind:


Maximum Width of 2 or 3 Blinds on 1 Headrail:


Maximum Size for a Single Blind:

48 sq. ft.

Standard Headrail Type and Dimensions:

Steel - Low Profile 2” x 1 1/2”

Bottom Rail:

1 3/8”, 2”, 2 1/2”

Cord Tilter:

Standard with clutch system

Optional Control - Tilt & Lift:

Wand Crank System

Cordless Lift with Wood Wand Tilter

Motorization - USB Rechargeable

Motorization - Solar Powered

Standard Colours:

Custom colours:

 Cord Ladders:

Twill Tape Ladders:

Decorative Tape Ladders:

Hold down Brackets:

Extension Brackets:

Control Locations:

Choice of 133 Standard Finishes

Unlimited for a surcharge

Standard Polyester - Colour Coordinated

Face Width 1” - 20 colours

Choice of 18

Steel Bracket with Steel Pin

L-Shape Steel Bracket 4 7/8” long

Tilt Left, Lift Cord Right - Standard

Tilt Left, Lift Cord left - Optional

Tilt Right, Lift Cord Right - Optional

Tilt Right, Lift Cord Left - Optional

Cordless Lift - Tilt Must be on Left

Blind with tilt only operation:

Minimum width is 9 inches

Blind must have split controls:

10 1/2” to 20” wide

Cord Lift Blinds can have controls any position:

20” or wider


Limited Lifetime for Manual
5 Years for Motorization

Approximate stacking height by length

Blind Length

Stacking Height















Number of Support Ladders

Blind Width

Number of Ladders

9 to 36 inches


36.1 to 60 inches


60.1 to 84 inches


84.1 to 100 inches


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